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For those who have had the pleasure of knowing him, Barry (The Studio Dog)

has been an integral part of our lives since November 4, 2008.

A loving companion and best buddy, he has enriched our lives...

as well as every FMS studio session...since his arrival as a puppy.

These popular original songs and arrangements were collected from Tom's albums (2008 to 2023)

remembering Barry...his love, his companionship and the great moments...

Written, Produced, Performed, Engineered, and Mastered by Tom Farley


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Tom Farley - By the Fence in the Sun CD
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Want to hear the story behind the creation of the songs...

the studio sessions...the engineering...the players...the history...?

Enjoy "The Path Taken" Podcast Episodes for selected albums...!

Produced at Farley Music Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tom Farley

Cover Songs: "American Tune" by Paul Simon - "If I Could" by Steve Gallagher

"Devil's Dream (Traditional)" and "Baby Can I Hold You" by Tracy Chapman


Featuring Performances By

Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements; Squareneck Dobro; Electric Lap Steel Guitar; Bass, Drums, Percussion, and Organ Loop Compositions; Songwriting; Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer        

Tania Farley: Vocals; Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements; Keyboards; Light Percussion   ​

Steve Gallagher: Strings; Acoustic Guitar; Recorder; Choir; Songwriting; Recording Engineer

Greg Wikle: Electric Guitar Lead and Rhythm; Mandolin; Acoustic Guitar Lead and Rhythm

Peter Shonerd: Congas and Light Percussion

Donnie Satterwhite: Pedal Steel Guitar

Joanna Binford: Viola

Bernie Lee: Piano and Organ

Rick Lutz: Piano and Organ

Ken McNeill: Drums

David Mills: Bass Guitar

David Edwards: Electric Lead Guitar; Background Vocals

Barry Shumate: Electric Lead Guitar

Bob Smith: Acoustic Guitar; Recording Engineer

Shea Roebuck: Bass Guitar

Alton Riddick: Recording Engineer

Richard Spano: Bass Guitar; Live Digital Track Recording (HEAB)

Todd Gallagher: Electric Rhythm Guitar

Loyd Bohlinger: Congas and Percussion

Michael Monahan: Background Vocals

Jim Cootes: Background Vocals

JoAnn King: Background Vocals

Wayne Pollock: Background Vocals

The Barry Gallery

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