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"By the Fence in the Sun" (2016) is the second major recording produced at

Farley Music Services....and the fifth album in my music catalog.
I had the pleasure of writing, producing, performing, and engineering
the entire project...bringing new energy, stylings, instruments,

and musicians into play for a wonderful sound and collaboration.

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Produced at Farley Music Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tom Farley

Copyright 2016   ASCAP

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By the Fence in the Sun Liner Notes


After retiring from Chesapeake in 2004 and VWC  in late 2014, the benefits of having the time to reflect, write, collaborate, and fully enjoy music in general became immediately apparent.  Good things started writing, playing my instruments, singing, and studio engineering.


Stepping back a moment...The "Over the Falls" CD (2006) was recorded and engineered by me at my home in Thorouhgood with the help of Steve Gallagher (recording engineer), Tania Farley (vocals), and Greg Ferris (electric guitar and mandolin).  It was a great album with great songs....and opened up recording technologies, experiences, and opportunities that were unavailable in my previous CD projects.


Nine years later, with a series of new songs, my Paul Beard MA-6 Dobro, and Asher Lap Steel ("Smoky") added to the arsenal, and with new and old friends willing to give their time and talents, the stage was set for another CD project to take shape.  


The songs came in a rare surge of writing in January, 2015.  It was then that I realized I had an opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do:

To write, perform, produce, publish, engineer, and mix an entire CD at my home studio,

To import the creative studio track contributions of my friends from their home studios,

To have the finished product finalized at one of the best mastering studios in Nashville,

To develop the CD graphics and artwork,

To market the finished CD - CDs and MP3 downloads -  from a website I built,

To complete the entire CD project at my own pace....without the pressure of deadlines,


To have as much fun as possible along the way....and to count my blessings for having the time and ability to pull it off....!


So sit back, crank it up, and enjoy "By the Fence in the Sun".....!


By the Fence in the Sun

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals

Greg Wikle: Mandolin


There are memorable moments in everyone's life that we hold dear to our hearts.  This song begins by the remembrance of a beautiful summer day....working with my dad building a fence on his farm in Floyd County, VA.  The perfect day...the perfect project...and I had him all to myself.  I didn't know it then, but that experience set in concrete a principle I had lived by my entire life - working hard and having fun.  If you live or work in the country....or have had a great moment of quality time with your dad, you can surely relate.


This was recorded live in my studio...first rehearsal....with an amazing Mandolin performance by Greg Wikle.


Here I Go Again

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Lap Steel; Programming

Tania Farley: Background Vocals

Joanna Binford: Viola

Peter Shonerd: Congas and Light Percussion

Steve Gallagher: Strings


Reflections and moments - in the perfect natural settings -  that bring about the realization of how life is ever-changing...and that starting a new phase in your life can be creative and wonderful.

Nature has a way of putting all things into perspective.  Many thanks Glenn Koonce and Kim Fuller for letting me join them on this trip..:-)


A Tip of the Hat

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals

Joanna Binford: Viola


My first collaboration with the talented Joanna Binford.  I am fortunate to have her as a friend and have her amazing background in performance, education and composition raises the bar on everything we do together.  Looking forward to our future sessions and creative energies.

Inspired by the end of a 28 year career at Virginia Wesleyan institution where I spent almost half my life teaching, creating, administering, and collaborating.  

The second set of verses speaks to the two types of people I found while working there:  the self-absorbed academic and administrative high brows....and everyone else (the "Good Guys").

I love the "Good Guys"....and the meaningful collaborations, conversations, and the friendships that evolved from our working and playing together.  I tip my hat to them to say recognition of the good work they continue to do....and to honor them as the very best representation of the finer qualities found at that university.


I'll Remember

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals

Peter Shonerd: Congas and Light Percussion


For those who have known the heartbreak that Alzheimer's Disease can bring, and, to the family members who wonder if it will be part of their future, this song speaks for you.

Dedicated to my mother, June Farley (who died of Alzheimer's Disease) and to my wife, Tania.  It is a conversation with Tania that addresses the power and fears surrounding the disease....and the love that shines through its darkest moments....

I love performing with Pete; his percussion performance was the perfect compliment for this song.


Mental Map Blues  (Instrumental Version)

Music by Tom Farley; Lyrics by Gary Miller

Tom Farley: Drum, Bass, and Keyboard Composition and Programming

Greg Wikle: Electric Lead and Electric Rhythm Guitar


Everyone has their version of a blues instrumental...this one is mine.  Wonderful guitar work from Greg Wikle.

The music was written as part of a collaboration with Gary Miller (Lyrics by Gary Miller and Music by Tom Farley).  The full version with vocals was to be released at a later date....but Gary passed away before he had the chance to get into the studio.  I miss his friendship, collaborations, creative mind, and good humor...over four decades of knowing that brought about good things in every season...


Moving On

by Tom Farley and Steve Gallagher


Tom Farley: Keyboard Composition and Programming

Steve Gallagher: Strings


This song came to me in a moment of reflection...thinking about the beautiful people we have lost from our circle in recent years...and the imprints they have had on my life.  It speaks to the heart, the loss, and the reaffirmation of the beauty of what was...and still is.  


Another great orchestration by Steve of his very best.


High School Heart (Remastered)

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Everything


After teaching middle school, high school, and college for almost four decades, there are some things you learn about the emotional states of the students in your care.  This is a re-mastered version of the 2006 Over the Falls CD recording.


American Tune

by Paul Simon

Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals


I wanted to do at least one cover tune totally solo.  I chose one of my favorites....a Paul Simon classic....and timeless in its lyrical relevance...


Say Goodbye to Me

by David Edwards


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Background Vocals

Tania Farley: Background Vocals

Donnie Satterwhite: Pedal Steel Guitar

David Edwards: Vocal Cameo


A classic David Edwards song....built from an earlier version David and I recorded in Steve Gallagher's home studio over 30 years ago...a benchmark studio moment that still resonates with us to this day.  

I've always loved David's lyrics alluding to lost love...but also love the acoustic essence it conveys.

Thank you, Donnie Satterwhite...for your phenomenal taste and musicianship....and to Tania and David for some great vocal moments...


You Ain't Never

by Tom Farley


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals;  Drum Composition and Programming

Tania Farley: Background Vocals

David Edwards: Electric Lead Guitar

Greg Wikle: Electric Lead Guitar

Peter Shonerd: Congas and Light Percussion

Todd Gallagher: Electric Rhythm Guitar

Richard Spano: Bass


Dedicated to the people who have been told by others that "You Can't"....and to those who choose to answer them "Yes, I Can"....!  Excellent energy from Greg Wikle and David Edwards on Electric Lead Guitars…..along with Tom, Peter Shonerd, Richard Spano, and Todd Gallagher as the rhythm section.  David’s leads were recorded in his studio in Spring Hill, TN.  I love singing with Tania on this one….OOOOOOO-LA-DA-DA...!

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