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Our Podcast Series'


Explore the stories, music, anecdotes, songs, performances and conversations.

Hosts and Producers Tom Farley and Alton Riddick take you on a journey

into the lives and careers of the Independent Recording Artists of Southeast Virginia

through the episodes of the podcast and audiobook series'

"The Path Taken" (A Musician's Story) and "SEVACAST"

Stream and/or Download MP3s (to your device or computer) and/or Share

the entire series or selected episodes for FREE.

"Hear the Story...Hear the Song"

Enjoy the "special short segments" from "The Path Taken" Podcast and Audiobook Series...

Conversations about the Songs in the Tom Farley Music Catalog...

the "Live Liner Notes" that make for a great listening experience.

Hosted by Tom Farley and Alton Riddick.


Access all of our Podcast Series' on these Podcast Platforms

The Path Taken Website


SEVACAST Podcast Series


Hear the Story...Hear the Song


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