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The Tom Farley Band

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Gerry Herndon - Tom Farley - Tania Farley

The Tom Farley Band originated in 1989.  Its members have been colleagues for over 35 years:

Tom Farley:  Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar; Vocals; Harmonica; Programming; Sound Engineering

Tania Farley:  Keyboards; Vocals; Percussion

Gerry Herndon:  Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar; Vocals; Sound Engineering


The Calm Before the Storm CD was produced with the band early in its history.  The band performed at local venues until 1996.


Tania Farley has been a popular performing and recording talent for the last 40 years, lending her talent to Cimarron, The Tom Farley-Cam Head Band, and The Tom Farley Band.  She has given stellar performances on all her studio work including Songsmyth, The Calm Before the Storm, Over the Falls, Songsmyth and the Basement Cuts, High Energy Acoustics - The Tom Farley Collection, By the Fence in the Sun, and The High Energy Acoustics Band: First Take (Live at Steel Pier Cafe) CDs. and the single Free Me (A Song About Addiction).  She won "Best Female Vocalist" recognition from Port Folio Magazine in 1985.  She performs with Tom on special occasions and records with him at their studio.


Gerry Herndon was a co-founder of The Herndon-Edwards Band and was instrumental in developing the band's album, "Travelin' All Over".  (Tom had his first professional recording experience with Gerry and the band.)  His performances on The Calm Before the Storm CD were some of the best of his career.  A local performer for over 40 years, Gerry currently performs solo acoustic and band gigs in Georgia.


Tom has been part of the Southside Hampton Roads music scene for over 40 years.  Through bands, solo work, and recordings he has established himself as a respected local songwriter, musician, engineer, and performer.  He was awarded Port Folio's Best Acoustic Musician in Hampton Roads (1983) and Best Rhythm Guitarist in Hampton Roads (1985).  Over the years, Tom has played every major acoustic and rock venue in the area, has opened for Poco, Firefall, and Bruce Hornsby, and has collaborated on stage and in the studio with some of the finest musicians in Hampton Roads.  


Videos of the group's live performances can be found on You Tube at:

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