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The High Energy Acoustics Band

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"Life is made for cruising at the speed of sound"

The High Energy Acoustics Band was a collaboration of some of

the finest musicians in Hampton Roads.

With over 300 years of collective studio and live performance experience,

they are truly one of the premier bands to ever play in the area.

This ensemble performed only The Steel Pier Cafe on September 17, 2016.


The evening included songs from the newly released "By the Fence in the Sun" album...

with originals and cover songs from previous albums and arrangements.

Their performance was amazing...full of inspired moments and color...

and the fun that comes from performing with not only great talent, but good friends.

The High Energy Acoustics Band Musicians

Tom Farley: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar

Tania Farley: Vocals; Light Percussion

Donnie Satterwhite: Pedal Steel Guitar

Joanna Binford: Viola

Greg Wikle: Electric Guitar; Mandolin

Ken McNeill: Drums

Peter Shonerd: Percussion

Richard Spano: Bass

Videos of the performance can be played at:

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