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This is the remastered version of the 1982 album "Songsmyth" by Tom Farley.  

Originally engineered by Steve Peppos and Jim Mikles at Live Oak Sound...

mixed in Nashville at Quadraphonic Sound by Willie Pevear...

and mastered in Nashville at Mastersound by Jim Loyd.

it is Tom's first recorded album...and includes all original songs.

Live "Bonus Tracks" are from The High Energy Acoustics Band "First Take" Album (2017)

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Produced at Farley Music Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tom Farley

Copyright 1982   ASCAP

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Songsmyth Musicians

Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Electric Rhythm Guitar; Lead and Background Vocals; Piano

Tania Farley: Vocals; Piano (I Find Myself Wanting You); Light Percussion

Tom Lavin: Bass

Steve Ihlenburg: Drums and Percussion

Denny Smith: Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements

Steve Gallagher: Strings; Flute; Piano

Donnie Satterwhite: Prophet 5; Piano (Sixty-nine Pimpmobile); Pedal Steel Guitar; Banjo

Cam Head: Electric Lead Guitar (Sixty-nine Pimpmobile; Jody Lee Carroll)

Jim Cummins: Harmonica

Todd Gallagher: Electric Lead and Rhythm (Snowdance, Sixty-nine Pimpmobile)

Greg Ferris: Electric Lead Guitar (Snowdance)

Mike Gosey: Acoustic Lead (Mangy Dog Blues)



Songsmyth Liner Notes


Just a bit of background….


The Songsmyth album was my first attempt at a major studio recording.  When I produced it, my thoughts were to bring together some of the most endearing musical friends I had known over the years....and to let the magic happen.  The end result was a labor of fun and sheer joy. 


At my side on keyboards and vocals...and as a player in every studio situation...was Tania Farley…..the one who believed in me the most. 

My brother-in-law, Steve Ihlenburg, who would later bring his energy and humor to The Tom Farley-Cam Head Band, was our drummer. 

Steve and Todd Gallagher, whom I had developed a rich writing and recording tradition, accompanied me on lead guitar, keyboards, and flute. 

Donnie Satterwhite, known for his membership in White Acre, Thunder Road, The Illeagles, The Guava Jam Band and duo with Jim Cootes, has been a part of almost every major studio situation in my career. 

From my earlier days of Cimarron was Tom of the finest players to ever grace the studios and stages of Southeast Virginia...a excellent bassist steeped in an Acoustic, Acoustic Rock and Southern Rock tradition. 

Denny Smith of the Blacksburg-based band Happy was the fellow background vocalist, responsible for all of the background vocal arrangements. 

Just back from the road was Cam Head, whose collaboration in both duo and band I would cherish for nearly a decade. 

Rounding off the list would be Jim Cummins on harmonica, Greg Ferris on guitar, and Mike Gosey on acoustic lead.


The final mixing and mastering were done in Nashville.  I chose Quadrafonic Studios...because Dan Fogelberg, Neil Young and Jimmy Buffet had all recorded there...and I wanted to be surrounded by the people and equipment they worked with on their albums. have the chance to experience the atmosphere and spirit of Nashville was a real education. 

Thanks to Tania, our families, our friends (especially Sharon Kelley, Charlie Scott, Pat and Beau Ludwig, Beetle Bailey, Laura Kesser, Debbie Hazelwood, Lloyd Stone and Kristin Phillips), and the many fans and supporters, I had the rare chance to have a dream come true.  Little did I know that it would be the foundation for an extensive recording career...and open other doors that would continue to enrich my life in ways that I could never have imagined.


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