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"High Energy Acoustics - The Tom Farley Collection" is a premier collection

containing the most popular original recordings and arrangements

from 1982 to 2007...recorded at Live Oak Sound (Norfolk, VA), Quadraphonic Studios (Nashville, TN) and Farley Music Services (Virginia Beach, VA)...

and performed in public by CimarronThe Tom Farley-Cam Head Band, 

The Tom Farley Band and in Tom's Solo Act. 

Released in 2007, many of the tracks have been remastered for your listening pleasure.

Links to the "Hear the Story...Hear the Song" Video Interviews

are listed on this page below the Musician Credits.

Podcasts Episodes, Audiobook Episodes and Videos

Want to hear the story behind the Creation of the Songs?

The Studio Sessions?  The Engineering?  The Players?  The Special Moments?

Enjoy the Interviews and Songs for these albums - listen to 

"The Path Taken" Podcast and Audiobook Episodes!

Enjoy Live and Studio Montage Videos of the songs on these albums on

The Tom Farley YouTube Channel...!

Produced at Farley Music Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tom Farley

Copyright 2007   ASCAP

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Preview ALL the recordings For Free...!

Cover Songs: "Baby Can I Hold You" by Tracy Chapman - "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks

"Similar Features" by Melissa Ethridge - "Gasology" by Tony Rice

Featuring Performances By

Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements;

Squareneck Dobro; Bass, Drums, Percussion, and Organ Sample Sequencing; Songwriting; Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer        

Tania Farley: Vocals; Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements;

Keyboards; Light Percussion   ​

Steve Gallagher: Strings; Piano; Acoustic Guitar; Flute; Recording Engineer

Tom Lavin: Bass

Steve Ihlenburg: Drums; Light Percussion

Donnie Satterwhite: Pedal Steel Guitar; Piano; Banjo; Prophet 5

Gerry Herndon: Electric Lead Guitar; Electric Rhythm Guitar; Background Vocals

Denny Smith: Background Vocals; Vocal Arrangements

Cam Head: Electric Lead Guitar

Tom Jones: Acoustic Lead Guitar (Fresh Air; An Old and Familiar Play)

Mike Munden: Violin

Jim Cummins: Harmonica

Bob Smith: Recording and Mixing Engineer for "The Calm before the Storm"

Todd Gallagher: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitar

BJ Leiderman: Piano on "Kinky with My Baby"

Greg Ferris: Electric Guitar on "Snowdance", "Over the Falls",

"Making Diamonds from the Coal", Mandolin on "The Way of the World"

Mike Gosey: Acoustic Lead on "Mangy Dog Blues"

"Hear the Story...Hear the Song" Video Interview Links

Slow Drivers in the Left-hand Lane

Sixty-nine Pimpmobile

Over the Falls

The Calm Before the Storm

Baby Can I Hold You

Professional Backroads Man

Making Diamonds from the Coal

Norfolk Days - Jody Lee Carroll

Gasology (with Cam Head)

High School Heart

Kinky with My Baby

Seventeen Times (The Cell Phone Song)

The Ballad of the Delta Lady

Similar Features (Live)

You Don't Have To

Mangy Dog Blues

Gasology (with Tom Jones)


An Old and Familiar Play

Missing My Old Man

Promenade Blues

Over the Falls (Live)

High School Heart (Live)

Slow Drivers in the Left-Hand Lane (Live)

Sixty-nine Pimpmobile (Live)


Enjoy the premier collection of songs from Tom's latest albums (2008-2023)

"The Barry Sessions - A Tom Farley Collection"

Tom Farley - By the Fence in the Sun CD
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