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The Path Taken (A Musician's Story)
An Original Podcast and Audiobook Series


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Hosted and Produced by Tom Farley and Alton Riddick
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It's a Story about Songwriting...a Story about Musicians and Vocalists.

It's a Story about Engineering and Production...a Story of Creativity, Collaborations,

and Technology spanning over five decades.

An original podcast and audiobook series, "The Path Taken (A Musician's Story)",

features the stories and special moments from over five decades of songwriting,

live and studio music, recording, production, engineering and education.

Through conversations, interviews, stories, and sessions with the friends and colleagues

who have both influenced and collaborated with Tom in the studio and/or on stage,

Tom shares their personal reflections on their careers in music

both before and after their "intersections" as friends and musicians.

Episodes of "The Path Taken" Podcast and Audiobook Series

are available for Listening, Sharing and/or FREE MP3 Downloading

on this page...for fans and friends to enjoy at any time.

The Interview that started it all: Malcolm Campbell and Silent Voices International Radio

SVIR Interview (2021)Hosted by Malcolm Campbell
00:00 / 37:21

Podcast Hosting and Post-Production Engineering Services
by Alton Riddick for Edit Your Truth

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