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Tom Farley - Tania Farley - Vernon Martin - Cimarron
Cimarron - Tom Farley - Vernon Martin - Tania Farley - Tom Lavin
Tom Farley - Vernon Martin - Tania Farley - Tom Lavin



Cimarron was a premier acoustic vocal group, playing in Hampton Roads area in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  The original members are:


Tom Farley: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Sound engineering),

Tania Farley: Vocals; Percussion

Vernon Martin: Acoustic Guitar; Vocals

Tom Lavin: Bass; Vocals


The focus of their music was original songs....and cover tunes from the era including Dan Fogelberg, CS&N, The Eagles, Restless Heart, The Marshall Tucker Band, Loggins and Messina, Neil Young, and many other contemporary acoustic and rock groups.

Below is an audio history (1979-1988)...a collection of live recordings from Country Comfort, The Jewish Mother, and the Acoustic Artists in Residence show at Reisner's.  Recorded straight off the mixing board into a cassette deck, the recording quality is very basic and dated...but the fun, spirit, and collaboration are still there...


Videos of the group's live performances can be found on You Tube at:



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