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"Reflections" is a collection of original songs...looking back on some of the life experiences,
joys, and heartaches that make us who we are...

Recorded in Virginia Beach, VA 
at Farley Music Services featuring performances

by the many of the Southeast Virginia's finest musicians. and vocalists...

Podcasts Episodes, Audiobook Episodes and Videos

Want to hear the story behind the creation of the songs...

the studio sessions...the engineering...the players...the special moments...?

Enjoy "The Path Taken" Podcast and Audiobook Episodes for these albums...!

Enjoy Live and Studio Montage Videos of the songs on these albums on

The Tom Farley YouTube Channel...!

Produced at Farley Music Services, Virginia Beach, VA.

Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Tom Farley

Copyright 2019   ASCAP

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Preview ALL the recordings For Free...!

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