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The Tom Farley - Cam Head Band

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Tom Farley - Tania Farley - Peter Shonerd - David Frink - Cam Head - Steve Ihlenburg

The Tom Farley-Cam Head Band was a 'high energy acoustic" rock band who performed in Hampton Roads in the 1980's.  Drawing from classic acoustic and definitive rock and roll roots, the band played every major club on the Southside for eight years.
The original band members were:
Tom Farley:  Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Electric Guitar; Sound Engineering
Cam Head:  Acoustic Guitar; Electric Guitar; Vocals; Sound Engineering
Tania Farley:  Keyboards; Vocals; Percussion
Steve Ihlenburg:  Drums; Percussion
David Frink:  Bass
The band had members that contributed enormously over the years.  They include Peter Shonerd (percussion), Steve Raiser (bass), Vernon Martin (bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals), and Michael Monahan (bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals).
Videos of the group's live performances can be found on You Tube at:


Tom Farley - Clarence Clemons - Cam Head
Tom Farley - Clarence Clemons - Cam Head
1987 - Virginia Beach Pavilion
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