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Farley Music Services and SEVA Sound

"Life is made for cruising at the Speed of Sound"


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New Release!

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Enjoy Free Playlists in "The Listening Room"

Download the MP3 Episodes for Free


Download the MP3 Episodes for Free


 "Live Interviews" for the ENTIRE Tom Farley Song Catalog...Created From Episode Segments of

"The Path Taken" (A Musician's Story)

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Live Video Performances on

Beard MA-6 Squareneck Dobro, Asher Lap Steel and Guild F-50 Acoustic Guitar


Amy Poulter article in The Virginian Pilot

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Tom Farley - Greg Wikle - Bernie Lee - Barry Shumate

Offering Experienced Production and Quality Music Services

In Virginia Beach, VA

Recording, Engineering, and Production Services

Loop Collections for Producing and Engineering DAW Studio Recordings

Personal Engineering and Recording Consultant For Your Home Studio or Business

Studio and Stage Musician for Hire (Acoustic Guitar - Lap Steel - Squareneck Dobro - Vocals)


Songwriter, Musician, and Vocalist Services

Songwriter - Producer - Vocals and Voice Over - Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

Guild F-50 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar - Paul Beard MA-6 Squareneck Dobro - Asher Lap Steel

Overdubbing and Custom Loops by Quality Studio Musicians and Vocalists

Mixing Engineer for Music Recordings - Podcast Hosting and Production

Access Previews, Downloads, Streaming, Podcast Series and Videos

Farley Music Services - SEVA Sound

You Tube


"The Path Taken" (A Musician's Story) Podcast Series

The SEVACAST Podcast Series

Simplecast Global Podcast Network






You can also Download (mp3) and/or Stream

“The Path Taken” and SEVACAST Episodes

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"The Path Taken" (A Musician's Story) Podcast Series


The SEVACAST Podcast Series




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